Short toast today. Luke, Adam and I are starting a new group blog about game studies, Gaming in the Expanded Field. We want you to poke us about it! Repeatedly, and intelligently. Distinguishing yourself might even make you a good candidate to contribute, because we do want to diversify our staff.

I think that lately I’ve been feeling out holes in the field of game studies, especially since we remain enormously dependent on other fields for our frames of theoretical reference and lexicon. GITEF  is an attempt to address that, while also giving us a platform to publish our research independently and accessibly. I’m kind of hoping that this turns into its own thing, a kind of intellectual powerhouse as the three of us begin to be taken more and more seriously in the academic, art, and/or game design worlds.

I kind of hope GITEF serves as a hub for a distributed think-tank (or rather, contemplation-cup, since we are neither as serious as “thinkers” nor as large as a “tank”). If you have any possible contributions, please do let me know! The more the merrier. Meantime, drop on by.