I was sifting through bits on my hard drive and I found this. It’s really interesting to read now that I’m a couple years removed from who, where and when it happened. I do remember overhearing it in a coffee shop in Birmingham (MI) in August, perhaps three years ago now.

“And then we give the same speech to the parents, because it’s the same speech I usually have to give, and that’s you’re overindulging your child, you’re creating a narcissistic monster. I mean…be a parent. I’m tired of telling them to do this, not to do that…you know, I’m just tired. I’m to the point that I’m so sick of hearing this that someone comes into the office and tells me this and I’m just like, I don’t know what to say about this anymore. The culture here is very screwed up. Birmingham, Bloomfield – the girls get five pounds overweight, their moms are like, anorexic…because my fee has gotten relatively high, I mean, it’s comparable to others with my degree, but I’m increasingly seeing very wealthy people in my practice, and their concerns, I think, are stupid – you don’t have to be wealthy to see me, but you have to earn a decent living and have therapy as a priority to see me. I mean people can pull it together and do it. So, it’s weird because…well, I realized this the other day, it’s like in one form or another people are pretty well known, either in the corporate world, or in the entertainment world…it’s kind of nice in a way, but at the same time it’s kind of weird.

They let us stay in their houses up north, or in North Carolina…and how many houses do you have? She has her own private jet. But her husband is just a dominating, narcissistic dick. I told her, good luck telling him he’s not right, because everyone kowtows to him because he has all this money and all this power…she has bodyguards and chauffeurs, and all her life she’s thinking, what the hell, because her husband’s a monster. It’s weird work. It’s very weird. Could you get away from him for a while? I mean, they’re so dependent. They’re the wife of a famous person. So they get into social service, where they’re viewed as inferior…so I can’t tell them to tell them to fuck off. They like me though because I tell them that, “you’re a person, so wake up.” It gives them courage. And then they do it.

But more and more, like, this one guy, he’s some neurologist, and he’s a total fucking narcissist. His wife, she’s so fucking depressed. I mean he doesn’t pay any attention to her…”