A few days ago, I went to Chicago with my friend Bilal. He’s a great bundle of energy and intelligence. I love that he always is full of ideas, and wants to bounce them off of me. (Of course he was excited that I was so down with the bouncing on the car ride to Chicago!) We were only there for about 24 hours, but he took me to PS1 in Chicago, where the people were awesome and the ideas were flowing.

I got to meet a bunch of the folks most involved in that hacker space, as well as find out about an emerging hacker space in Buffalo. (You’d better believe I’ll be there.) I’ve never felt so invigorated by a whirlwind visit in my life. I imagine part of it was simply the chance to get away from my apartment for a while — I haven’t even gone on any vacations this summer, and my partially-disassembled life is starting to wear on my brain. There are boxes everywhere and half my belongings are already in Buffalo. But it was also because I have been feeling a lot like Ann Arbor is full of people who have a lot of great ideas but aren’t so good in the doing department.

I’ve had this sentiment for a while — a lot of the people I know here are rather brilliant but don’t tend to apply it. I know I’m one of them. I think for me, one of the best parts about being a part of a hacker space would be being around people who don’t just talk, but also do: learning new skills, applying them, and having fun. Now, I want to be a doer too. I think I sort of have to, since I’m going to school to do.