So I guess it turns out one of my Twitter updates got scooped up by an aggregator called “The Longest Poem in the World.” Which, I think, is cute. The whole thing is a little bit…boring. (Why write a long poem for the sake of writing a long poem? It’s sometimes vaguely humorous, but I think we have Texts From Last Night for hilarity in 140 characters or less. The only reason it’s a “poem” is that it rhymes.)

So I kind of figured I could think of something better. At the very least, more interesting. Or with some kind of pseudo-intellectual appeal. I don’t really want to write a program that aggregates Tweets and scans lines, but wouldn’t it be better if the Longest Poem in the World scanned lines instead of just matching rhyming words? I mean, I think at least then you wouldn’t be stuck with flat rhymes about being a Miley Cyrus fan and how high you are? I don’t know. We need some kind of standards here, man.

Any other, more clever ways to use a Twitter aggregator to write an endless poem?