I’m officially a graduate of the University of Michigan.  This summer will be a summer of waiting — and I don’t have a problem with the waiting, but it also means that this summer will be more or less dictated by what I want to do and feel like doing.  Which means I need to be able to keep a schedule for myself, follow through with things, and make sure I don’t start sleeping all day and sitting up all night.

I’m doing pretty well so far, and I think that part of this self-structuring will include reporting on the things I’m up to and thinking about.  I realize I haven’t done anything to this blog for weeks, and it’s also time for a facelift, which will be coming soon, hopefully.

May’s book for Radical Book Club is Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.  (I am thinking about teaching hands-on dialogic methods at Ann Arbor Free School this summer…thoughts?)  I am making a website for friend and wine rep Thomas Rapai.  I am watching my cat try and remove the screen from the window next to my computer.

I have had some disappointments lately, but things are going to get better.  You’ll see.