I went to the doctor today for a complete physical and more testosterone-related bloodwork.  And a pap smear (shudder).  I chose to go with my usual physician — the one who’s prescribed me testosterone — because I didn’t feel like explaining my situation to a gynecologist.  That worked out fine, but the big surprise is this: I weigh 150 pounds.

I don’t look like I weigh 150 pounds.  In fact, I weigh 150 pounds and look better than I have in ages.  I was warned that I’d gain weight on testosterone, and at first I was unsure about that because in the first month I actually lost weight — almost 10 pounds of it.  In fact, it seems that it works like this: you lose fat.  You gain muscle.  So it’s a leaner 150 pounds.

Still, I never thought I’d get this heavy.  To be fair, I haven’t quite topped out at 150 — I’m only a half-pound away though.  That’s like, a good meal and I’ll be at 150.  It doesn’t concern my health care provider, so I guess it shouldn’t concern me.  Still…where is it hiding?