For some reason I have been waxing reminiscent about late high school and early college.  In some ways it seems peculiar that the things I liked only three years ago are so far removed from my life today, so much so that I might just be a little bit embarrassed to still secretly like them, or maybe like them for the reason that they remind me of a different time.  I won’t say a happier time, but I will say that it was a time that I enjoy while it lasted.  I’m kind of glad it’s gone now, though.

I found a copy of Plans by Death Cab for Cutie online, for example.  There was a time our freshman year that Brendan and I played “Soul Meets Body” in the basement of South Quad.  There was a time when he wanted to be Chris Walla and I wanted to be Ben Gibbard, in the sense that we wanted to be able to make things like that on our own.  I think in a lot of ways we did accomplish that, but the pinnacle of our career was opening for a band at the Blind Pig, while the pinnacle of Death Cab’s career might be being featured on The O.C. Anyway, they probably feel much the same.  I dare say our little local victory might even feel better.

It’s very peculiar to me, having left all of this behind in favor of drone and shoegaze and noise and freak-folk, that I should come back to it, especially now.  What is it about spring that makes me emotionally remember the pasts that I left behind?  It seems to be a trend, and when I get in a reverie-induced funk, it takes a bit to get me out of it.  The present and the future is more exciting than ever for me, but I keep getting caught in these fugal loops.  In fact, I think the present is better than the past ever was, and I know it’s only getting better.

Speaking of which, how do I even begin to start packing to go to China?