Take a gander at this WSJ article about how we find the glut of information on the internet physiologically irresistible. It’s actually really funny, just because I always thought the reason I sat on the internet all day was just because it was more entertaining than doing what I should be doing (which is undoubtedly true). Turns out, to make matters worse, whenever I comb through my Bloglines feeds I’m also getting high. Great. Just what a bunch of lazy college students need — the brain to produce its own opioids in response to fooling around on Facebook, blogs, and poetv.

In all seriousness though, I think it’s funny that humans find information so irresistible. It makes some kind of sense. But at the same time, just because we have a bunch of information doesn’t mean it’s valuable. I wonder what the difference is between gathering information that is interesting versus information that is merely…well…information. I wonder what the difference is between information in an area the reader knows something about versus information from an area the reader knows nothing about at all. I’d actually go so far as to hypothesize that that sort of thing varies from person to person. Information of almost any kind keeps me enraptured, personally. When I die I hope someone puts my brain in a vat and hooks it into the internet. Heaven? Probably, although it could get a little tiring, I guess. Post-mortem blogging? You betcha.

On second thought…creepy…