That’s the chorus lately. All I had to explain to Kate was that we were planning on offering a full-tuition, renewing scholarship for trans and allies at the university and we wanted to do grassroots fundraising on the internet, and she was all, “Well if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.” That was…uh…easy. I nearly wet myself waiting for this, and I’m glad I only found out late last night or else I would have probably fretted my way into ulcer territory or something. I might be too high-strung for this game. Or maybe I’m just high-strung enough?

I have some next steps that I still need to work out. One of those next steps is putting together a working group to meet every other week, and I am compiling a list of people I’d like to get in on that. Another of those next steps is to find a team of programmers to put a site together. And another of those next steps is to get our first $5k so we can do a launch event.

Robbie and I had a serious sit-down about whether the iSchool’s JustConnect project would overlap too much with the transgender and allies scholarship social networking tie-in. I don’t think it will, and I told her so: I think our target audience is much more global than JustConnect’s is, and I think that the goals and raisons d’etre are very different as well. Also, considering JustConnect’s upcoming launch date, and our lack of even a programming team, Robbie’s initial concerns regarding early adopters were assuaged. I think we should be looking more at a partnership than a competition: interfacing SNS with each other is something that I’m very interested in. After all, it is hard for such niche markets to compete with big sites like Facebook; I think that in a lot of ways I need my smaller/niche SNS to integrate smoothly.

I’ve let the JustConnect team know about my feelings about that too. Otherwise I really doubt too many people will join up; one of the reasons this blog has gotten consistent is because I know people read it because I know people click through the links my WordPress widget posts to my Facebook profile. I think others of mine have flopped merely because there hasn’t been an easy way to integrate the two. Without integration I’m mainly just annoyed by all the sites I have to visit. I’m becoming a pretty busy fellow.

And in other news, I’m probably going to get into graduate school.