I arrived back at DTW not knowing or caring what day it was, and it turned out that it was Saturday (I was under the impression that it was Sunday). I still find it hard to believe the past week happened, to the point where I can’t really tell you how much I enjoyed what I did, because I am still unraveling whether or not it was real. I would also recommend checking out Brendan’s Flickr set about the big road trip to Arizona in order to better understand a spring break week that was worthy of following up last year’s psychedelic adventures in New York City.

If anything the flight back to the United States — and even the hour-long train ride from Egham to Gatwick — reaffirmed my belief I need to hit the road on my own. If I win a Hopwood Award, I am spending even more of my summer out of town, off the map, and somewhat under the radar. I am buying train tickets to distant stations, packing my backpack, and disappearing. I think I need to get a camera and a new computer as well, but $10,000 is a lot of money. A full third of what the average American family sees in a year. It’s the money I need to break free.