Read about this via BoingBoing today.  It surprises me that people are still surprised at the fact that Western corporations are so involved in government decisionmaking.  And that Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve board are Friedmanite free-market economists?  Quelle shoque!  After digesting Naomi Klein’s new book it seems self-evident.  I can’t thump on this economic policy bible enough, I guess.  It’s quite essential you read it.

As frustrating as this all is, the fact that the mainstream media will never catch on (or so it seems), and the fact that disaster capitalism is so entrenched in our system without our consent, I’m pleased to say that tomorrow I am departing for France.  I have no idea what my internet connectivity is going to be like — but I am bringing my laptop, so we’ll see.  Hopefully we’ll have some updates from Europe.  I’m totally thrilled to go!  By some magnificent twist of fate all the things that I needed to get done have gotten done in the past two hours.  Hopefully everything else will go smoothly.