I have started this thing where I work 8-hour days Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I really feel like I need a rest when Monday rolls around.  Considering I get up earlier for work than I do for classes, this seems a little weird to me.  I’m off-balance, there is no catch-up time, I need to be on my game all the time.  At least after this semester I’ll be off the schedule for summer because I’m going to be in China for a month and a half.  Then I plan to take Amtrak’s California Zephyr to Denver and then San Francisco for some much-needed solo travel time.

I am leaving for Paris on Friday.  I’m really excited about it, but I have to get a few things done first: get my passport in the mail, get a new computer charger in the mail, take a philosophy of language exam on Thursday, finish a C++ program for Friday, pack, and sort out matters with my S.O.  Some of these are easier than others, considering the legwork for the first two things have already been accomplished.  I shelled out $10 for expedited shipping on the goddamn charger and it still hasn’t arrived.  Very dissatisfied — for the first time — with Amazon Marketplace.

I have a long night ahead, I have half my philosophy study guide done, and I feel like I should accomplish more on my computer program before I go to bed.  I’ve been spending a lot of time lost on the Internet lately because all I feel like I can do is consume.

Speaking of the Internet, I am totally in love with danah boyd.  Being a queer-identified person in science and technology is always kind of weird.  I have found my engineering colleagues generally have a hard time grasping my gender situation, harder than my philosophy colleagues do.  And so I think it’s awesome that she’s put that on the table along with her really fascinating research.  I also feel like my social justice oriented work is underappreciated by my engineering colleagues.  I’m a fan of the growing number of iSchool students who are integrating social justice with their information technology work — like Maureen at U of M’s iSchool, who I met through joining the alpha-testing group for a new SNS for social justice workers.  This is what I’m really passionate about and what I want to do, so it’s good to see other people doing it.

In the short term I have a lot to look forward to, too.  In no less than four days I’ll be airborne!