December has come in earnest, finally.  Last night the streets iced over after it drizzled all day, and I ended up totally wiping out on my bike.  I was riding up Ingalls on my way home and I ate pavement pretty hard.  Well, my knee ate pavement.  I can’t really bend it and put pressure on it, which unfortunately means I’ve been taking elevators everywhere, wherever possible.  I feel like a slacker but that bitch hurts.  It’s always the black ice that gets you.  Never the snow.  I woke up this morning feeling like I was 90 years old, which is 10 years older than how I normally feel.  I guess at least I didn’t break my hip, right?

My trusty laptop which I’ve had since August 2005 has begun to show some signs of age.  Alzheimer’s, maybe.  During my ethics review session, I stepped out to take a call, and when I came back it was in some kind of weird pseudo-sleep state that no amount of mouse-jiggling or space-button-pressing could snap it out of.  Had to restart.  Luckily in the interim Word had saved a recovery copy of my notes.  It’s always around the time when the big papers are due that the computers crap out, innit?

Tonight I plan to finish up my final paper for my other philosophy class about time.  Don’t even get me started about time.  I don’t have the word count I need to write this paper.  I need about twice the room to really break it down.  I’ll live.   Here goes nothing…!