Just when you thought my Michigan Daily stint was over, Brendan showed me this letter to the editor in today’s Daily.  I cannot even say that Mr. Byrne raised a valid point against me.  This, to me, stinks of a thinly veiled personal attack.  Suddenly I am being held responsible for my own oppression?  If that isn’t the most absurd, patronizing thing an agent can say to a target, I don’t know what is.

Veterans Day is a big deal because the institution of the government thinks it should be a big deal, thank you very much.  It’s a big deal because people in the broader community are willing to listen to veterans.  They, by and large, are not listening to the transgender community.

And calling my letter a desperate cry for attention?  Well, of course it was.  Clearly my community is not just not getting the attention it deserves.  Clearly it is not getting any attention at all.  Things are looking quite bleak.  Things seem a little desperate.  At least I know people can see that for what it is.  It’s just too bad they can’t see the implications thereof.