So I’ve been a little down on the world lately, and I know there’s plenty to be down on, but you know what?  There’s also a bunch of stuff that rules.  I’m going to be busy as hell for the rest of the semester, but I’m very glad I’m here, and I am able to be that busy for the rest of any semester, really.  I’m excited — really excited — about school for the first time since I was in…elementary school.  With the exception of high school physics I don’t think I’ve cared about learning stuff so much in the past ten years or so.  Good job U of M philosophy.  You make me care.  That’s saying a lot.  I think you also are partially to blame for my nasty drinking habit, but we’ll let that slide for now, everyone says I’m fun when I’m drunk.

I’m also beginning to learn how lucky I am to have a family to go home to that isn’t shunning me for being a transsexual.  My mom might be leery but it doesn’t keep us from sharing a bottle of wine and talking about how much we are freaked out by the world we live in.  And try to figure out what to get my impossible-to-buy-for sister for Christmas.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way everything is going.  I might be hemorrhaging money, but I’m enjoying myself (I think) for the first time since coming to college.  The only thing I would change is maybe having more time for music.  I hope next semester Brendan and I can get our band back together and make creepy minimal apocalyptic music, a la Low’s Drums and Guns.  Also because I want to make better use of that beautiful bass rig I have in the basement.

As an aside, I recently ran across the blog that’s kept by the U of M philosophy graduate students, Go Grue.  Which is very clever, and someone needs to make t-shirts.