I just got off the phone with my dad. We like to call him the International Man of Mystery because he spends long stretches of time in undisclosed foreign countries. Right now I guess he is in Hong Kong. This is the city where he grew up and I guess he has a lot of business there. He claims that he has designed a marine terminal for those huge container ships that transport goods across the ocean. I guess things are going really well, and we’ll find out soon in the news if his marine terminal is getting built, because it will be built by China. I guess he is getting investors into the project. He tells me he is very confident about it at this point. My dad is also the kind of guy who thinks money is a good replacement for parenting. This is fine by me, because my family is my friends, and what I really need is cash. What he has, turns out to be, a bunch of cash. My dreams of becoming an eccentric shipping heir edge ever-closer!

As for today, I don’t know if I’ve ever got a better phone call in my life than this. So he was telling me about how my aunt, who called me yesterday, thought I sounded pretty depressed. (I mean, duh, if you’ve been reading my blogs at all, these past few weeks have been rough.) So he thought I needed a pick-me-up. For some parents, a pick-me-up might be a care package, or even a phone call just about the unhappy kid. Or maybe $10, like my mom sent me in my Halloween greeting.

Not my dad. Probably feeling self-conscious about not even being in the hemisphere for me when I’m feeling down and out, he told me that he would pay for airfare and give me pocket money for spring break. Spring break to Paris, France. I feel like a total spoiled asshole, but at the same time, I feel like I kind of deserve this. Wait. Paris? What? Seriously? I have someone to stay with in the city, so basically if I don’t blow through all my dad’s cash in the first three days, I don’t have to spend a cent of my own money on this theoretical mini-Eurotrip. Suffice to say, I am cheered up. Also, what the fuck, dad?

Anyone up for Paris in February?