This morning I woke up without a hangover. This was miraculous as I drank nearly a whole bottle of La Fin du Monde in under two hours. This was for a number of reasons that don’t really warrant getting into now, but the point is I felt compelled to do so.

My life right now is really awesome. Not awesome in the colloquial sense, but every day is filled with a certain wonder, and a certain disbelief. How did we get here? I’m not so interested in where we are going, but here is very fascinating. Every fall it seems that we are on the cusp of being famous, or something, even just famous in a small local sense. (I have been told lately that I am actually famous, at least insofar as the university goes.) Also, I have a great soundtrack.

Sometimes I think it would be a great television program. Now what with the writers on strike it might be good for some studio exec to send some guys over to follow me around with a camera. I know that generally the camera distorts what it picks up, or people distort themselves in front of the camera. But still, jaded audiences aside, I don’t think America would ever believe this shit. Maybe it’s something about this overplayed 20-something coming-of-age story, or the fact I’ve got an awful tendency to wax poetic.

In the meantime I have realized that sometimes what makes a thing seem moral or immoral is how invested we are in the opportunity costs. Take this to mean whatever you like, but sometimes the reason we feel bad about doing (or not doing) something is merely because the things we’re giving up to do them are of far greater value to us. Kal tells me I made the right choice last night, and I think this is the reason why that choice was right.