I am stranded in Metro Detroit today.  Less because I can’t get on the road – which isn’t the problem – but that if I did, I would travel no more than one hundred yards before sitting in deadlocked traffic.  It would probably take me longer to get home if I got on the road now than if I waited for an hour and a half and then took off.  So I’ve set up camp in a Royal Oak coffeehouse, hopped on the Oakland County wireless network, and set to work writing poems and blog posts and catching up with my Silver Ladder contacts.

I am watching storm systems move through the upper Midwest on the TV.  I am despairing of getting into the Josh Ritter show for free tonight (and debating whether  I feel like spending $18, or just getting drunk).  I think I might have to opt for the latter.

I honestly don’t know how anybody can live in this state and not drink.