I like having a character foil in very near proximity. I am trying to find one in the philosophy department, and I do have a few candidates in mind (who shall not be named here!) but I would like to use them as a way to posture as a kind of Wittgensteinian flustered kind of prick, a corrupter of the youth perhaps, a Socratic vagabond who people either love or love to hate. So essentially I’m looking for someone who is pretty vocal, but also a button-up, your-parents-would-love-him kind of fellow, preferably with less interest in philosophy of language and philosophy as mind as…something else. There are plenty of philosophical topics to pick from. Really, this position is open and I would love for it to be filled. If you have any proposals, please contact me.

But back to that corrupter of the youth thing. I’ve been finding it pretty easy lately – I get drunk, get sloppy, and start talking about philosophy. Suddenly everyone at the party is thinking, and that’s a weird thing. Or I do something like get kids who are usually pretty straight-edge to drink bourbon. It’s fun. They smile and have a great time. I have fun too. Who doesn’t?

What I’m saying is, I really want a mythology to go along with this kind of activity. The easiest thing I can think of is to find a character foil. It’d be great. Like I said, if you know anything about someone who might fill this post very effectively, and happily, do send them my way. We can get in a shouting match at a party about the truth values of conditionals.