No, I think I’m getting better, but I’m just sick and tired of Ann Arbor right now.  I wish I could make some great plans to go to Chitown over fall study break but I have too much to do in town.  I’m looking forward to an interesting lecture and some music-making, hopefully.  I haven’t worked on St. Mikhail songs in ages, and I just want to take maybe Saturday and make some music.  I know I have to go home one day and hang out with my family – probably Sunday – but on the whole I am looking forward to a couple of days to relax.

I am sick and tired, though, sick and tired of the hullabaloo of National Coming Out Weekhateful preacher man was on hand, of course, with a band of hate-spewing followers – and fuck, I don’t even know which hateful preacher man it was, there was just somebody there today, and how am I not surprised?  I think a friend in my IGR class said it best – we just aren’t as liberal as we purport to be.

I guess as an institution we’re not doing too bad.  I’ve seen worse.  And honestly our worry about the whole situation is heartening.  The fact we tolerate free speech on the Diag is nice, I guess, except for that whole hate speech part.  Yet what is disheartening is the fact that for all our claims to liberalism I still feel threatened on this campus.  What else is disheartening is I’ve got friends who are excited that Ron Paul is coming to speak tomorrow (I’m going because I think it’ll be a hoot).  And honestly we may have liberalism written into our bylaws and curricula, but there is only so much you can do to change individuals from their ways.  This university is huge, and I’m just so tired.