It turns out that Silverladder is a full-fledged ARG with a lot of mysterious goings-on.  I am, unfortunately, totally hooked, can’t tear myself away, and am very…excruciatingly…laboring my way through my ethics paper, even though all I can really think about is Silverladder.  Thanks a lot, guys.  It is really cool though.

I aired out some of my grievances today in my intergroup relations dialogue facilitator training class.  A lot of people heard my sentiments and expressed their support for me, and that felt pretty fucking good.  I was pleased by the whole situation.  In our small group we came to some conclusions together and I definitely can say that I feel really close to the other people in my coaching group.  They are very supportive and genuinely open-minded.  They cut the crap.

I appreciated that they were very receptive to my feelings of being tokenized as the only transgender person in the class, and it made me feel good that they all wanted to hear more from me in group discussions, and not just from an educator standpoint.  They also just wanted to hear about my life.

P.S., on a somewhat lighter note, I don’t think I mentioned that I finally got my tattoo.  I don’t have a photo, yet, but I will upload it as soon as that happens.