Over at Infocult, it’s been creepy website weekend. Three have cropped up so far, Red Monday, It’s Coming, and by far my favorite, Silver Ladder, which is more of a cybersculpture sort of thing. It reminds me strongly of Jodi.org, a weird cyberspace art project of a website that has been in existence since the mid-90s, and to this day is still updated with more psychedelic, flashing primary-colors content. Silver Ladder is a little more mid-2000s than Jodi is. Jodi’s aesthetic is a little more stripped-down programmer chic, and a little easier to get completely lost in, whereas Silver Ladder is more graphics-heavy and includes embedded audio and video (including a sample from a TV documentary about artists and godliness played backwards, very scary shit).

Red Monday and It’s Coming are a little different. I guess Red Monday’s URL was distributed at the Podcast and New Media Expo by a mysterious guy with a completely empty booth. It smacks of alternate-reality gaming, and I really like its flagrant Biblical references (the code is gabriel, as in the archangel, perhaps). Needless to say I signed up for e-mail updates about The Event. It’s Coming seems a little more like a point-and-click causal game. Nice atmospherics to be sure.

I like this creepy shit, but mostly the eerie, window-to-another-dimension element of Silver Ladder. I would really like to collaborate with some of my art school friends on a cybersculpture sometime – they have a number of great characteristics that make them uncommonly versatile and cheap to create. For starters, web space is cheaper than dirt. And cybersculpture is accessible by anyone with an Internet connection. You can put anything on them – music, video, graphic art, text…code…whatever, really. And the Internet is already a goldmine for the offbeat – look at what you can dredge up on YouTube – so the infrastructure is in place for really weird shit. Seriously, click over to Silver Ladder and get lost.