I know a guy that can fairly be called a serial rapist. The culprit in question has, or has attempted to, cause trouble with a few people I know. Moreover my friends who knew him growing up said he has always been a dick, and even before he was a womanizing rapist asshole, he was making fun of the dorks and the fat kids. Let it be known: this guy is just malicious and awful. This guy also fucked up my life for about three months in the spring, and effectively ended for me what was going to be a great time that semester.

I have never understood where sexual assault comes from. Hell, I have never understood how some guys find it in them to disrespect women the way they sometimes do. I don’t understand how anyone can justify treating anyone else as anything less than human, much less a piece of meat.

That said, there are very few people I actually hate. This guy is one of them. When I last saw him in April, I swore to myself that if I ever saw him again – and especially if I ever saw him at my friend’s house where I was last night – I’d sock that kid a good one. As hard as I can, right in the face.

Last night I was sitting on my friend’s porch at his party, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, talking to my friends and generally enjoying the atmosphere. Out of the knot of people standing in front of the stairs, I see this guy. He smiles, he waves. “C, long time no see!”

I stand up from the armchair I was sitting in and deck him. I mean deck him. The entire porch turns around and stares. My friends, who know the stories, grin. Everyone else, they don’t get it. Sadly, the guy doesn’t get it. “What the fuck man, why did you punch me?” He is holding the side of his head where I whacked him. I don’t give him a response. Adrenaline everywhere. He shakes his head, rubs the side of his head, and wanders, dazed, into the house.

Let me tell you this: revenge is better than sex. It is better than Christmas, it is better than drugs. It is definitely better than my birthday and high school graduation. It is better than being drunk, and though sometimes drinking facilitates it, it’ll also give you this great moment of clarity when it happens. And it’s even better that it’s been a whole season since I’ve seen this dick, and I did not say a word to him. Right hook. Then nothing. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.