So yesterday I got bitten by a mosquito just above my right eyebrow, which is kind of a weird place to get bitten.  This isn’t at all an uncommon occurrence: I mean, it’s still technically summer in Michigan, we haven’t had our first frost yet, and the mosquitos are still out in force.  The fact of life is, if you get bitten by a mosquito, you’re going to itch.  This led me to ask, “what benefit do mosquitos get from injecting a little bit of toxin that makes your skin swell up and itch every time they bite you?”

After a moment of pondering Brendan pointed out that it would be far and away more beneficial for mosquitoes to inject something pleasurable into our skin, which means that they could feed on our blood whenever they felt like it.  For example, imagine if mosquitoes injected a mild numbing toxin under the skin.  It could be at the very least a little bit amusing to have a little numb patch above my eyebrow right now.  I mean, I would probably sit on my bed poking it for about five minutes before doing my music theory homework.  Or if it tingled a little bit, that could be kind of fun.

Of course this might lead to people catching mosquitoes and trying to extract the toxin from them.  You know, like mosquito nummies.  You could probably buy vials of pure mosquito extract on the street that, if you inject it, could make your whole body tingly.  I can’t imagine that it would be good for the nervous system, but can’t you just see some sketchy guy in a trenchcoat trying to sell ‘quito to 14 year old kids trying to get a cheap high?

Yeah, nature, I think you really fucked this one up.