One of the things that separates the summer from the school year is during the school year you are supposed to be superhumanly busy.  Sadly, I fail at being superhumanly busy most of the time, except when I have all my final papers in all my classes being called in at once.  One remedy for the situation seems to be to take more credits, and I am (18).  Another remedy that might help my rickety financial situation is finding another job (this isn’t going well, by the way).  And I had a sudden thought – a sudden, apparently awful thought – that I should join the men’s crew team.

Why did this thought strike me at all?  Well, firstly, I am just the right size to be a coxswain.  Weighing in at a hefty 120 pounds (on fat days), I’d be like nothing on board.  Secondly, crew is something that is good at consuming time.  Unfortunately, it seems as though I was mistaken that this would be a good idea.  According to reputable sources, I might have to shank some of my teammates (shanking is an appropriate punishment for rapists, you must understand).  And if I had any doubts to the character of my potential teammates, I have been assured that not a one of them isn’t a homophobe or a racist.

While I understand that you shouldn’t just jump into opinions of people without meeting them, I know enough people who fit that profile on this campus and would do something like, say, varsity crew.  It makes some kind of sense, and, being a tiny tranny on a machismo team of predominantly guys over 5’11” who work out for five hours a day, I don’t see how this could possibly end well.  Risk avoidance is one of the survival strategies when you have particular characteristics that might make life harder.

On top of that it doesn’t look like I have the time for 3+ hours a day of practice anyway.  I mean, I understandably need to sleep, and I am already working mornings and some days have class into the evening.  I guess I should work harder on getting that second job, maybe.