I tend to have my most grandiose ideas when I’m drunk. (The best ideas I get driving, or on the can.) This is probably on account of a few things. Most obviously, you get silly when you’re intoxicated. On top of that, I usually spend most of my drunk time on the porch, drinking more, smoking cigarettes, and screaming with my friends. We scream about a lot of things: guys going the wrong way down Catherine Street, how great the new Animal Collective album is, how we need to make a vending machine that vends colors, how much we miss some member of the group who isn’t present, and how much we love to cook weird stuff. Also we scream about how we need to make more music and art.

I think two nights ago we came up with the most epic idea yet, mainly because the scale of the project is simply impossible. I just ordered a mandolin off eBay, and when it arrives, I plan to start learning bluegrass standards and writing songs that are probably big ripoffs of Neutral Milk Hotel. We decided that Ann Arbor needs a new giant folk ensemble (it probably doesn’t), and in order to distinguish ourselves from those other Ann Arbor folk ensembles, Maynard is going to make electronic beats and play synths. Other personnel may or may not include Brendan on the banjo, Andrew Farris playing bass, Johnny playing guitar, Lindsay singing too, Josh playing the glockenspiel (because you always need a glockenspiel), and somebody probably playing the violin and the saw.  Maynard wants to be called St. Mikhail and the Forest Flames.

It’s just too bad it’s hard to play music when you’re as drunk as we were Wednesday night.