Stephanie and I are going to San Francisco when she gets back from Africa.  This is going to be a great trip because, well, we’re driving to San Francisco and we both have great taste in everything.  In order to facilitate cheap and easy, I joined, a website dedicated to that most exquisite of activities.  The people on it all seem really awesome.  I have been hearing about gay-bashing on couchsurfing, but I really haven’t delved into it at all, so I don’t know.  And either way, I don’t care – there seem to be enough LGBT-friendly folks on the site where I don’t really fucking care.

I’m excited for this trip because I get to get the fuck out of Ann Arbor for a really extended period of time and go somewhere I’ve never been before in my life ever.  I will be driving in a car with someone I don’t know too well, but well enough to know we’ll have a great time (great equation for famous friendship: take a road trip) and hell, the West is the place to go on an epic summer road trip.

For now, I’m biding my time, sitting on my porch and smoking hookah, playing backgammon and yelling at the yuppies who have invaded my town.  (Fuck those guys by the way.  The other morning I had to walk through the thick of it to get home.  Fuck those guys.)  Although it is a little funny that everyone who walks by my house is so concerned about the fact my sidewalk says “Penis Vagina Titties” and there is broken glass everywhere.  I could get used to this shit.