Yeah, okay, Man Man is playing with Deerhunter at the Starlight Ballroom in Philly. That’s indie-tastic. I want to point out that I really love awesome bill combinations for shows. And I wish I could be a booking agent in a big city so I could swing shit like that. It’s kind of like when we went to see Lightning Bolt and Battles at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Ultimate shows roll around every now and then, and I really like the summer festival circuit but ultimate shows are even better: they’re a little harder to pull off, much more intimate, and when you have to travel to get to them you end up with fun stories (like how we drove down to Cleveland the day of, slept for like two hours on a hardwood floor and then drove back at the ass-crack of dawn the next day so everyone could go to class – or more specifically, take exams), because they’re usually not conveniently scheduled so you can take off work or are not in class, or whatever.

My friend Sara once told me about how she saw Björk and Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Sigur Rós play at Coney Island. That is a motherfucking monster show, out of control, perfect beyond all mortal comprehension. Basically I want to be Sara.

But speaking of Sara and being indie-tastic, she is jealous of my genius tattoo idea: the cover design of Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, just that wonderful mountain contour design, on my inner left forearm. I think I actually might get this one done, and if I get the job I have an interview for in an hour, I’ll have the cash to get it in L.A. when Maynard, Brendan, Geoff and myself go. Which would basically make me indie-tastic as hell.