This is the kind of shit I just love.  I guess the first twins reportedly gave Dubya a mix CD of workout music for Father’s Day.  This is a great gift for anyone, and as anyone who knows me can attest, I love making and distributing mix CDs to my friends.  It’s how we learn about each other’s music tastes and discover new bands and generally enable an exchange of ideas that, to wax economic, improves our impoverished lives immeasurably.

So, what’s the problem with mix CDs?  Apparently, according to the RIAA, creating and distributing a mix CD is a copyright infringement.  The Scrivener trumpets that “copyright is dead.”  That is, unless the RIAA brings a potentially nearly $2 million lawsuit against the Bush twins.  Mr. Silverman over at the Scrivener sent this letter to my friend and yours, Michael George, asking for a suit to be brought against the twins.  I’m looking forward to George’s response, if Silverman gets one at all.

In principle though, whether or not George responds, I doubt the RIAA would sue the President’s kids.  I’m pretty sure these guys know where to pick their fights, and those fights are not with powerful government officials who could turn around and point accusatory fingers as to the dubiousness of the cases they bring.  Private peer-to-peer networkers generally don’t have the knowledge and/or resources to call the RIAA out on their weird suits, but I think the President has access to both.  Either way, this shit is absolutely rich!