I seem to have neglected my anthropology course. My midterm is due tomorrow at 5 pm. It’s not as though this is really a problem. I don’t do anything, so now I am sitting in bed, in front of two fans, reading and pounding out succinct, two-page answers to questions that feel a little obvious to me. Maybe that is why I hate most of my coursework. The questions seem too obvious.

I am temporally challenged. This is the root of this forgetfulness problem. I can barely tell you how much time has passed when I am functional in society, let alone spend fifteen to twenty hours per day passed out on my face. I only know how many weeks have passed since I got sick because I see where my notes end on my laptop’s hard drive. Moreover, there was no email notification of the midterm questions being posted on the website. Maybe this is just me making excuses, but honestly, nobody can reasonably expect someone who is nearly entirely nocturnal and only is awake for about nine hours a day at most to perceive any kind of passage of time unless arbitrarily assigned by his interactions with his friends. Can they? Again, I might just be making excuses.

Anthropology of music does allow me to bring up a few points though. Number one, Stephanie is in Uganda doing what she was probably born to do. Unfortunately doing what she was probably born to do doesn’t involve drinking vodka with me. Number two, I studied psychedelic drugs and strong experiences of music with Judith Becker last semester. (This seems to have been a point of some admiration for my professor, who, after I mentioned this in class during the first week, began giving great credence to everything I said.) And three, the more I learn about non-Western conceptions of time the more I am convinced it doesn’t exist.

I miss Dr. Becker. (Now the term paper I wrote for her was coursework that seemed not only relevant but un-obvious.) She’s great. Her most recent book I love a lot. Maybe I should send her an email and see if she wants to have coffee and talk about philosophy of mind sometime soon. Although she might be somewhere else – somewhere exotic – like Java. I need to get out of this country.